Pathfinder Riverside

The Deep Sleep Massacre in Hagshoff Guard Chambers!

Adventure 2

-Our heros
>The Cimmerian (human barbarian)
>Unknown (human cleric)
>Unknown (goblin (???)
>Haskins (goblin rogue)
>Unknown (Sylph witch) (Raven familiar)
>Tom Bombadill (human barbarian) (potato aficionado)
>Elfira (noble elf druid) (griffin companion)
>Corbin the Hagshoff guard (NPC Guest Wolfy)

-Party raiding Hagshoff guard armor and weapons storage

-Stan the Paladin Keeping watch through the door

-Stan spots Corbin the Hagshoff guard on daily rounds

-“Hey friend! help us escape?”

-Plan succeeds

-Party is told by Corbin that a large number of off duty guards are sleeping

-Only feasible path to secret exit, must take it

-Party deliberates tactics, settles on sleep massacre thanks to suggestion and plan by Haskins

-Party sneaks into room, distributing themselves among the beds with the sleeping guards

-Methodically coup de grace 99% of the way to many guards


-DM rolls natural 20 perception check on bloody gurgling noises

-Party spotted by newly appointed leader of the guard

-Stan seeks vengeance, party obliges, new guard captain falls swiftly and potato soup and high fives are had

-Tom Bombadill suggests to Elfira that eggs hatch when subjected to warmth

-“the fire should work”

-Plan succeeds

>Enter FLAPJACK the Griffin compainion

-Stan leads party further into guards chambers.

>Tom Bombadill finds stack of wanted posters with themselves among the pile


>Tom Bombadill turns out to be the next Picasso, draws 100% perfect beards and mustaches on every wanted poster

>Takes newly doodled posters along with party

-Last room is Hagshoff town tax collection; Raided

-Stan opens hidden vault to underground royal escape tunnel.

>Stan must stay behind to close the vault and throw off the direction of any pursuing guards

-Party joined by Corbin enter the tunnels and walk for a long ways before reaching the other side of the escape tunnel





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